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  • Kristin McNealus, DPT, MBA

More Game Ideas

Another game that I designed was a question board with corresponding color squares to tape to the floor. The goal is to toss bean bags, ideally with the weaker arm and land on each color four times to cross off all of the numbers. Two colors had actions on each card, like “tap your right foot to the right 10x.” But you can make the actions anything that would challenge the person’s impairments. I chose to have one color correlate to simple questions to address aphasia, and one color was cards to be read aloud. But of course, you could choose any theme for any of the colors. The game is over when all 16 numbers are crossed off.

This Number Board has actions on the back, or basic questions to answer. The person stands at the start line, and for every question answered correctly, s/he gets to take a step forward toward the finish line. The action cards do not get a step forward, the action has to be performed before another number can be chosen. You can pick actions that challenge your client’s impairments, and questions that address any cognitive deficit that may be present.

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