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  • Kristin McNealus, DPT, MBA

Addressing The Opiate Epidemic

Now is the time to promote physical therapy as THE profession to help manage pain! The Surgeon General has asked every doctor to help fight the opioid epidemic. That means we need all physicians, as well as the general public to know that physical therapy addresses the cause of the pain, thereby leading to less need for pain medications. We need physicians to know that they should refer their patients in pain to us before giving a prescription for an addictive narcotic. It is our responsibility to help educate everybody as to the harms of opioids, as well as how physical therapists can improve symptoms.

Education and knowledge about their bodies and their care can help give patients a sense of control. Control is important when it comes to pain management. There is a great ad by Move Forward PT about opiates masking the pain rather than addressing the underlying cause – something physical therapy can address. We need to spread this message. We also need to educate our clients, and the general public that fixing the pain will not happen in one session. It will take time – and it may take longer if you’ve waited longer to seek treatment. This is normal and expected, but they need to know that they need to stick with it to have results. This will feel more frustrating than taking a pill.

This ad needs to be shared with everybody – post it to your social media, send it out to your email list, get it out to people with pain and to their physicians!

Here is the MoveForward PT ad Share the video:

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