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  • Kristin McNealus, DPT, MBA

Why Home Health May Not Be Enough

The first thing to understand is that sending a therapist to your home costs an insurance company more than sending you to an outpatient therapy clinic. Because of this, your visits are limited, and people tend to be discharged from therapy services even if they do not feel ready, and have a way to get to a clinic. We are here to help! We work with you in your home, so that you do not need to figure out how to get to the car, in the car, and who is driving that car. That can be more challenging than the therapy session!

People will also have us work concurrently with home health services. If insurance will send a therapist once per week, but you are looking for more frequency, we can help with that! When you are initially trying to rehabilitate an injury, or gain strength after a hospitalization, getting therapy only once time per week is not going to get you going very quickly...

Are you getting outpatient physical therapy, but still having difficulty with completing tasks at home? We can work with you in your environment on those tasks – this actually carries over to any environment. Do you have trouble getting into your daughter’s home? We can go there with you and work on that specific goal! We can also provide more treatment options, and information on how to navigate a complicated system.

There are many reasons why people use our physical therapists. Whether you want more therapy, you just prefer getting therapy at home, or you have specific goals that are not getting addressed otherwise, we are the service that can help you. There is no contract, so try a session.

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