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I received my Masters in Physical Therapy from Boston University and went on to earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from MGH Institute of Health Professions. I received my MBA from Pepperdine University in 2016, and am a member of Beta Gamma Sigma. I am the owner and founder of Every Body Fitness, an online exercise program for people with any physical limitation to get quality, adaptable workouts from home.


My work experience includes being a staff physical therapist on inpatient rehabilitation for people with neurological diagnoses at a number of hospitals in Southern California, as well as Director of a community adaptive gym for people with neurological injuries. I have worked on research studies for people post-stroke, and in acute care hospitals. I have my ATP certification, and perform frequent seating evaluations for people with various diagnoses.

As neurological conditions impact the pelvic floor, I wanted to add this area to my toolbox. Most people do not realize that physical therapy can help with issues related to bowel, bladder and sexual functions even these functions are controlled by muscles! I know that any dysfunction can greatly impact quality of life, and I hope to limit that. I can help address your pelvic floor function even if the primary cause is not neurological. I do only work with females.

Frustrated by the decrease in coverage for physical therapy over the years, I wanted to give people access to quality treatment with the barriers of insurance, transportation or scheduling conflicts. I started a concierge physical therapy service for Southern California. Interested? Learn more here.

I have presented at conferences about spinal cord injury evaluation and treatment to other health care professionals, and am an adjunct faculty for students at a local physical therapy program about spinal cord injury evaluation and treatment, and wheelchair seating. I am a member of the International Network Spinal Cord Injury Physiotherapists, and have contributed to the APTA Guidelines for Exercising with a SCI.

I enjoy training for endurance sports, and have completed 3 marathons, and 25 triathlons, including the Ironman! I use my passion for exercise and knowledge of what the body is capable of performing when pushed to its limits, to empower each client to reach their own personal goals. I will motivate you to work as hard as you can, stay committed to your fitness goals and be the best you can be!

  My Expertise


  • Neurological Physical Therapy

    • Spinal Cord Injury

    • Stroke

    • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Wheelchair Seating and Positioning

  • Exercise for people with physical disability

  • Female Pelvic Health PT

  • Health Care Business Consulting

  • Marketing Strategy

Feel like you need more help? I get it.

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